Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ApPlEs, apples and more APPLES!

The guy I work with every day has access to some apple trees.
He was kind enough to get me FIVE 5 gallons pails of apples.

So what else but to take the day off and do apple things with all those apples!!
This is Q helping! He was loving the peeler!

Lots of apple sauce for Raychel's family:)
and a lot of pie filling!

The other night I tried to make cottage cheese. I did make cottage cheese. But, I have a cheese connoisseur of a husband. It wasn't just right. When it comes right down to it, it didn't taste like exactly what he's use to. That was a sad no go. I could save lots of money if I could make some of all the cheese my man eats in a week! Sour cream and Feta cheese next. I have to find rennet though. I hardly know what it is much less where to find it.

There are five of us woman that have started a freezer meal club. It has been amazingly wonderful! It's so nice to have a whole meal just ready to go when you only have an hour or two to get dinner ready and eat before leaving again. We have been VERY busy lately and it's been wonderful! The great part is that the meals are kind of a nice surprise that you didn't have to cook. If you're like me, sometimes by the time you have cooked it and spent a lot of time on it, you are tired of smelling and seeing it and don't even want to eat it anymore. It's been great.

We've been taking a "NITCH" class at church. It's to find out what your personality is and what your spiritual gifts are. This is all so that you can find where you are best suited to serve. It's been really interesting so far. Both Matt and I are doing it. It's a good, small group of people. It's a good way to get to know people you normally wouldn't talk to or meet.

Anyway. I will post some pictures of our septic soon. Once I get the "after" pictures taken. But, don't get too excited. The "after" is pretty ugly. Three septic covers, seven vent pipes sticking out, one electrical box and a LOT of mud.
Is this little girl cute, or what!?!?

It's ME:)

My mommy sends all of her children a weekly post card of funny pictures, or old pictures from when we were growing up. This was mine for the week. I have underwear on my head here. *chuckles*

This was my great coupon deal of the evening. These are regularly $1.99 They were on sale for $1.29 and I had 6 $1.00 off 1 coupons. I paid $1.78 for all of these!!! Yep, I paid less for all of these then I would have paid for one normally! Pretty sweet. I also love having three laptops that I can print them from.