Friday, October 1, 2010

Matt and Tyler were getting some stuff sorted out at Grandma's the other night and they found her wedding rings!
When Matt told me where they found them it all came back to me....

When I was getting my grandma packed up to go to an assisted living place for about two weeks I had asked her where her wedding rings were. She said, very dismissively actually, they they were in the tv room in the smallest basket of a set of three. I went and looked at them and then gave her a hard time because of where she kept them.
She just kind of waved me off and smirked. She was a woman that never really thought much of "things" and "stuff" even if it was something important. That's just how she was. She knew she wasn't taking them with her when she left this earth, so it didn't really matter. That's something to remember. Thats the attitude to have!
Also, she was a little, petite lady... they don't got past my knuckle - I am not so petite!