Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall road...

This is up the hill from where I live, it's a beautiful place in the Fall.
I went to the Dr. and got some new meds and an up... gread..? on my dose now. I am looking forward to seeing if there's a change.
My husband brought my beautiful roses today when he came home from work. I am married to the most sweet, sweet man ever. He's such a great partner in life! It warms my heart to know he's mine for ever:-)
Tomorrow I am getting up early to help w/ herd health. I don't mind, I just don't care to be back at the farm in a few hours chasing cows around w/ the vet. Coffee... I'm looking forward to coffee!

Monday, October 27, 2008

coming to you from the heart of a blessed country girl!

I have not blogged in so very long! I am too lazy to even really want to put a picture up right now either.
We have been busy w/ work, friends, Matt getting more school stuff together, moving grandparents to new places..... on and on it goes. I have had, what I thought was a cold, for about a week. I was pretty sure it was strep throat so mom gave me an antibiotic and it's getting better already! I have been tired of feeling sick.
I got a new photo editing program, Adobe Photoshop 6. What a brain freeze that is! I am going to look into taking an on-line class thru WWTC to learn how to use it. I keep thinking that I'll get it, not so. I just go in circles w/ it. If any of you knows how to use it and wants to give lessons, I am willing to learn:-D I love my photography and editing and am looking forward to getting into it and knowing what I'm doing. I really want to start doing photography for ppl on my own someday soon. I just need to learn this program and get my bearings about me first! Ahhh:-O
We're excited for Matt to be going back to school in Jan! So excited! He'll start out at WWTC and then go to WSU for three years (or there abouts) and then on to the last two years at the U of M. I'm really happy and at peace to see my passive mellow husband actually have something he's excited about, just him, all him. That's great! He just had a meeting today w/ an admissions counselor at WSU and it's going to be so very much cheaper then Viterbo would have been. With a montage, marriage and real life... the more bang for your buck, the better.
We're off to do one of our favorite pass times - instant play Law & Order!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jorgenson Family

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never takes a bad picture..

This is Kendell! She's such a cutie. Great little picture taker:-) This is the family I got to photograph on Saturday.. more to come!

Friday, October 17, 2008

pictures & ramblings

I just wanted to put some more fun pictures up...
Brick path that runs along river side park in LaCrosse.

Bottle that looked old that we found on the rocks (no pun intended!) along river side.. thought it was a pretty picture

This is a really bright, pretty bush that is right on the beach of the Mississippi River where we put the boat in. Matt told me tonight that he wants to put the boat in one more time before winter and then put in away for the winter... :-( I wish it were Spring and not Fall. Maybe I wouldn't feel so blah and blue then..??

Little horses on the play ground. Kind of creepy I thought. That's why I took a picture of them... I knew they'd look even creepier in b/w

On Saturday I got to take pictures for a neighbor family and it was so much fun. I have a lot of editing to do now! I really want to maybe go and look at editing programs tomorrow.. see what's out there. I put pictures on an on-line program right now and it takes away from the quality for the photo a LOT. If you have any good suggestions, let me know! I'll post some of the cute pictures soon I hope, there are so many good ones.

I got to sleep a lot today and that was amazing! I feel like I'm getting sick, so it was good for the tired body.

Been feeling kind of blah and like a used dish rag lately and I can't even totally explain it. Will have to wear my silly sun visor. It simulates the sun when you wear it for like fifteen mins. It's stupid looking, but that I can get over. I just feel antisocial and like everything is so much work: Looking nice, doing stuff w/ ppl, cleaning, caring about anything, talking to ppl other then my husband... this time of year is tough and I feel like no one really gets it except maybe my mom and husband because they have seen what seasonal depression can do to me. I feel like there is nothing in me to give to anyone else right now. I have to force myself to give and I just don't care, don't want to fake it.
I cleaned the bathroom tonight. That's quite the happening in my house. I forgot how white the sink and toilet were. I couldn't keep up w/ the hair balls around here if I did try. It's just something you have to look past. However, I feel really sorry for ppl who come to visit and are probably scared. It was nice to get done. I clean every Wednesday for someone else, why would I want to clean my own house too!? I can't wait to have a real, put together house so it's easier to clean and keep up on.
It's almost 3am and I should stop rambling on and on before someone admits me for sounding crazy!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Fall Beauty

The guy I work w/ every day has a pear tree and he gave me a bunch of them! There were so, so pretty! I had a ton of them I just cut up and pealed the last on them tonight. It was a big job. I am going to be making more pear/raspberry jam w/ them.

More pretty fall trees... we live in such a beautiful area!

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the "people" that I spend Sun, Tues and Thurs nights with!

My milking partner! He's nuts, don't ask. We're almost done in this picture!

They're hungry after work. We push the feed up and they come running. Just for the record, I was punched out for this:-D

She can't figure out what I'm doing..??

661 can't figure out what I'm doing either. She's a fun cow. She's got a lot of personality and spunk. Here she is in black and white - no pun intended!

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{Fall Pictures for you}

This is the neighbor kitty corner form our friends Kevin and Sarah. It's a very eclectic yard, note the bike that's always hanging from the tree. It's really very neat and I wish I had the talent to make a bike hanging from a tree look cool too! Anyway, it was a pretty fall picture.

Really pretty fall tree in a park that I was taking pictures at..

A very neat out building in Wiscoy Valley. Also fun to take pictures of.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Steinfeldt Family...

I had the pleasure of taking some fun pictures of the Steinfeldt family while they were dressed up for a wedding. They were so much fun to photograph and joke with. They are such fun, down to earth, easy going people and I adore them:-)


The handsome family I got to spend the afternoon with:-)

This one is my favorite!!! Isn't he just too cute!?

Another one of my favorites!! Isn't he the cutest thing you've even seen, w/ those cute little freckles!? He's such a good natured little man too!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple pies, Jam and Sunflowers....

Last week I spent a lot of time making apple pies. I tried a few different recipes: one "Carmel Apple Pie," two "Sour Cream Apple Pies," a "Cherry Apple Pie" and then one or two of my old stand by recipe. They were so beautiful! I will be making more too!:-) I'm a happy woman if I'm baking, doing anything w/ pictures or working w/ cattle...

This is pear/raspberry jam. It's so pretty w/ the sun shining through it:-)

It was really good too. I'm not a huge fan on raspberry jam so the pear made it a little less raspberry and just sweet. I had never made it before and I actually didn't even follow a recipe because I couldn't find one that worked for me, so I kind of made one of my own:-)

This pretty sunflower is one of the last:-( They are slowly fading. The bee's are all over the flowers that are in bloom right now. Storing up for the winter I guess.

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The Lookout

This movie was much better then we thought it would be. They used the "F" word a little bit more then they needed to. It was interesting and a bit complex, so it kept your interest very well. We thought Jeff Daniels did a great job in the supporting actor roll. It was a good movie!

Photo shoot with Tyler and Jami

This is my brother Tyler and his beautiful girlfriend, Jami. Sarah and I took them on and had a blast. I think Tyler was amused w/ us:-) They were so much fun to take pictures of. We had to give Tyler a hard time cause he wasn't really doing the "soft brow" for us. Towards the end he was getting impatient:-o Jami could have done this all evening I think. She was amazing. She should be a model!

Thought this was a cute picture cause Jami is, after all, the princess... small town royalty actually!

Night out w/ the fire department

I had the pleasure of taking some pictures for the Dakota Volunteer Fire Department tonight! It was fun. They are such good people and it's a lot of fun to be in a small little community where you know everyone and have great people like that as your neighbors!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

smokin' angel

This is Kevin and Sarah's lil Callie. She's been going thru a "stage" lately... bad teenager stage. We still love her though, hence the halo. I'm playing w/ my new Flicker account:-)