Monday, June 30, 2008

I couldn't stop taking pictures of these cuties!!

I figured I should put one on here w/ the groom in it:-p Even though she's the pretty one, he was there too:-D

All I could think (teehee) was "signing her life away..."

Heather, being kind of bored... she was getting goofy! She even got so excited she fell down the stairs! I had so much fun w/ her this weekend!

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One more pretty one of the bride:-)

These flower girls were TOO CUTE! They were so dressed up and pretty!!

Don't you just want to kiss her little face!?

A neat picture of Heather blowing bubbles:-O

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The wedding!

The beautiful wedding that I went to in MI this weekend w/ my wonderful friend, Heather! It was so very fun to meet all these very fun loving, down to earth ppl! Top:THE BRIDE, Francesca. She was so pretty and such a sweet heart! Second: Francesca's brother's (Will's on the right and I don't remember the other one's name) and my friend Heather in the middle. Third, left to right: Sarah, Fresc, Heather, Min and the two little flower girls. And then the bride again:-)

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My amazing husband...!

I have to brag about my amazing husband for a min here.. I will post more about my wonderful trip to MI when I have more time:-)

When Matt came to pick me up at Heather's from the trip home from MI Matt had these for me!! Beautiful roses... and Dove chocolates:-) I missed him so much for just two nights. We aren't apart much and when I am away from him like that (all weekend) I feel like my other half is gone, away from me. I am so, so blessed!!!

Then later in the night he made me a very pretty drink to sip on while in the tub...

He had cleaned the tub and took the shower curtain down so that I could take a long relaxing bath! It was wonderful.. He lit all these candles and had mellow music on.. It was wonderful! I warned him, though, if I take a bath I will have to go to bed, it's going to put me to sleep:-)

He also went and got me this amazing smelling Yankee Candle that I've been wanting! Also some good smells he knows I love from Bath and Body Works! My night was AMAZING!!! Thanks to an AMAZING husband.... I AM BLESSED!

I AM BLESSED! He makes my heart so very happy. I couldn't stop smiling when we got home and I could hug him again:-)
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Grand Marais, MN - Matt and I standing next to this leaning building... or was it built on ground they were too lazy to make level....?

Beautiful rainbow we saw on the way home... this is over the river right by our house..

Cool picture I took, while on the way home.. And a picture of Matt sitting there, not knowing I'm taking his picture... I love this man!!!

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All done... and just so you don't have to wonder, we had a full meal before the pie:-) We ate so, SO much on this trip! The night before this we sat around playing cards, eating junk food! We were all so full. It was such great fun, though!

Aren't we cute?!

This is Sarah and her "food baby".... and of course her backpack:-D

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Here we are at Betty's Pies. It was amazing! Sarah w/ her pie

Kevin w/ his birthday pie.. when it came w/ the candle in it, the three of us sang to him:-) His birthday was on Saturday..

My FIVE layer chocolate pie...

Matt and Sarah had Raspberry Rhubarb Pie

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Ahh, what a wonderful time we had..

The boys again, out on a smaller rock, making muscles.. :-)

Sarah and Matt were trying to get Callie to jump. It's cute to watch her jump because she bounces right off the ground with all four feet all at the same time - like a little popcorn!

Sarah and myself at a wooden boat show thing.. the boys looked around while we sat in the sun, ppl watching... We also met Mary up there and met her friend Bob and his brother. It was fun to see her and hang out w/ her for a while. There was a chowder feed too. They were running out by the time we got there so we only got two bowls and shared.. it was all you could eat. It was very good, just not much left..

Matt thought this would be a cool picture. It really was. We went to this restaurant and sat down, looked at menus and really decided we didn't want to eat there. We wanted cheaper and greasier:-D It was expensive and not real impressive, so we left:-)

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Callie had a great time too. She only pushed the door open and ran away (to the lake) once:-) She is such a good girl, and so fun to have around:-)

Sarah - with her new backpack that she got on the way up to the cabin... she's funny! She had to have her picture taken with it cause it's new:-)

Matt and Kevin, wading in the lake..

The pretty pine trees. It rained off and on, just that really strange lake effect weather!

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The men again..

Here there are.... they conquered one jump and are on to their second (and last!)

There goes Kevin with the thumbs up...

And Matt with the muscles...

The boys also spent a lot of time skipping rocks... and then this tuned into a manly competition of throwing bolder rocks in to see how far they could get them.. and Sarah and I walked around talking, looking for pretty (and very small) rocks:-)

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The men and their great adventure... of swimming out to the rock and jumping off.. it was COLD!

There they go, show off's!

Look at them! They are so strong and..... white! lol..

My man:-) So cute. The muscle pose was the pose of the weekend.

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