Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tutu girl from the 60's?!? :)
I'm in a photoshop class and this is one of the things I learned to do! Seems like no big deal, but in elements, it is:'-( lol... isn't this cute!?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I will leave you with...

I love spring. Love it. I have to get out and take some more pictures. As a disclaimer, this is just my snap shot camera! There are so many pretty, good smelling blooms out there... maybe tomorrow maybe:)

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Surprise... for me!!

A Magnolia tree!!

we came home from work on Sunday night and Matt opened that garage door and this is what I saw!!! We have wanted on for about two years now. Matt's sister and parents had a huge part in the transport and surprise of it! Katie ordered it and took it to Amery where Matt's parents picked it up and brought it to our house! Thank you so much guys!!!

THIS is what it will hopefully look like in a few years. I am pretty sure they are rather slow growing and doesn't get too big, ten by ten. It will soon have a home in my front yard:) I am thrilled!!!

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Clouds over the beautiful Mississippi River!

It was Jami's 21st last weekend!! She is so funny, if she's somewhere boring she makes it a party! We love her so much:)

If you didn't catch the theam, she's a princess/goddess!

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Meet... Oliver...

He's a very handsome boy. And, mostly well behaved. Just the usual... if we don't give him something to chew on he'll find something on his own:-/ And he is soooo happy to see me when I get home and that's a little hard for me:-)

Meet Oliver up close!

Pretty boy... with his pretty red collar:)

We've learned how to shake... the rest will come. Like don't jump. Need to figure out how to tell him he'll hurt someone doing that!.... Uff Da...

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Monday, May 4, 2009

The question is....

whether or not to force myself
to do all my editing, no matter what,
with PSE 6....
or stay with my trusty Picasa..??
Oh, what to do!? I should force myself
to do all my editing there
then I wouldn't have
my safe
Okay, I'm learning out loud here.
Now the eyes are more bold and sharper.

I did it, I did it, I did it! I did it.... Emily will have to tell me if this is too blue, we still want it to look like Molly:-)
More of this beautiful family.
I need to figure out how to get her pretty blue eyes to "pop" more. I am a newbie with PSE 6

walking in mama's shoes:)

the whole family

what cute little babies!

This is my favorite photo of the whole day. I don't know exactly why. It's real. I think that's why. It just happened. I love real.