Monday, January 26, 2009

In Perfect Words....

**This is from a blog of a Photographer that I follow. She put it in be best words!!! Here it is... **

"(If you haven't seen this picture before- it is 21 week unborn baby having surgery while still inside the womb. During the surgery the baby reached through the incision. The surgeon reached forward his hand and the baby grasped his finger. Such a powerful image. Is this not a life that should be protected?)"
"President Obama has only been in office three days and he has already lifted a ban on oversea funding for abortions. Really, is that the first order of business? With all the problems our country faces, the first thing to do is to start giving our tax money to other countries to kill babies as well? Really? I heard this on NPR news this morning as I was taking the kids to school. The next item of news was that a girl was being charged for animal cruelty because she had her cat tattooed! Does anyone else see the craziness in this? It's OK to kill a baby, but we can't let an animal suffer any pain. A pain that humans impose upon themselves every day by choice. Not that I think you should tattoo your cat, but REALLY?"
"I don't blame Obama. He was elected by the voice of the people. That is what a democracy is. He is supposed to act for the people, and what they want. He was very clear about his agenda, and this is not a surprise. I am just so so sad that this is what the majority of the people in our nation want."
"The ability to create life, to have children, is the greatest gift that God has given us. The greatest and most sacred responsibility as well. A newborn baby is such a miracle. Just look at the pictures below. I am so overwhelmed with a reverence and a love of God when I am even in the presence of a newborn baby. There is a special spirit about them. It is very clear to me that they have recently been in the presence of God. It is hard for me to see and feel this joy, and be OK with abortion. Especially when I have seen the joy of adoption as well. We do have a choice. The choice is between good and evil. "

Sunday, January 25, 2009

* FrOsTy NiGhTs *
We, here in Minnesota, have had some cold nights (and days) lately. These are just a few pictures that I've taken. There are some other ones on my other camera..

Windows on my sun porch - haha. It isn't seeing very much warm sun these days.

The beautiful sky at dusk

Beautiful sky. They aren't the best pictures because I was just trying to hold the camera still, didn't have the tripod with.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mommy and Me.....
This is me and my mom in the car on our way from the Beth Moore conference that we went to this summer. Thought this was a cute picture of us. What fun I have with my mom! She's a fun lady who is beautiful on the inside and outside!!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

I love, love, love being a farm girl!
These are pictures of me on the farm...
I cow kicked me in the chest. Yep, that's the hoof print right on my chest. I took this picture 1)because it was funny and 2) because I just had to send it to Sarah and Abby so they could see what I get to do every day:-)

On of my mommy's calves this summer... it's a calf from "my" farm. These little babies are big boys now though!

Here I am on a hot summer day, in the barn, milking cows... I look so tan, happy and warm here, those days will be back, I promise.

These are the big clunky rubbers that I wear every day, warm or cold, I clomp around in them. Sometimes I feel like I should have much sexier legs due to how heavy they are!

The quality isn't that great on these pictures because it's from my phone (and I look like crap because the cows don't care!). I was just going through some pictures and saw these from my phone file and I just couldn't resist smiling and thinking to myself, "no one could ever take the love of farming out of me... it's such a joy!" and then sharing them with you all!

I am on call for breeding tomorrow. Kind of a funny thing to be "on call" for, but someone has to do it! I have had to lose Matt for my Tuesday night milkings and that makes me sad. But, I still have him and his help on Thursday and Sunday nights!

The girl, just a girl from a farm, is back in the blogging world! Yay=)

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Melt your heart sweet...
This is my friend, Sarah, before she had little Evelynn..
This is Sarah and her first born, Tyler. Such a cute little boy. He's three and a half and has a great little personality!
Tummy from laying down..

feather boa pregnant lady:-)


This is an active mommy. It was Christmas Eve day and she wanted that baby out. Thought maybe a little activity would help. That's Tyler again!

Holding that baby girl from the outside...

All you can see is tummy and muscle! She's amazing. So active and didn't let it slow her down. She'll bounce right back too I'm sure!

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This is my new favorite artist... I am buying an album on iTunes right now:-)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

{Witnessing the Miracle of Life}
This is my good friend, Sarah... here she is 41 weeks and one day (eight days over due) pregnant. She invited me to go with her to her ultrasound and check up on Friday. I was thrilled to go and be a part of it, see the ultrasound at nine months. She had the ultrasound first and then this app for a check up about thirty mins later. They told her they wanted to induce her right now. They wanted her to go upstares. She wanted to go home and get her stuff, and they wouldn't let her. Her amniotic fluid was border line low. So we went up and then I went to get Terry - the daddy. I drove because my car was warmed up, we have to think of those things here in Minnesota. Either one of us ever expected to be staying any longer then the app would take.
She got everyone called and she got in her gown.... and away we go. They started to induce her at about 2pm. They kept increasing it til she was having good hard contractions. We spend the day looking at this monitor - it had the baby's heart hate and then Sarah's contractions on it. Sarah said I was more then welcome to stay the whole time.. who could pass that up!?

And at 11:13pm she came into the world. About 14 hours after her first app that morning! She had about four hours of hard labor. Then when she was told she could push, little Evelynn came in only one and a half pushes! It was amazing. Sarah is so good at this. She made it look so easy. Everything was text book perfect too! It was such a neat and unforgettable blessing to be able to be there with her while she was in labor...

May we introduce you to Evelynn Jean Tabbert. 6lbs 8oz. 19 1/2 in long. Beautiful strawberry blond hair! She has the prettiest most perfect little eye brows too. She is just sweet. She nursed right away with no trouble. Both were really great troopers. I just couldn't stop looking at her little tiny features..

They finally took her to be measured, weighed and bathed...

Being weighed. She had the prettiest little red lips, too:-x

She was getting tired of being away from mom and cold..

Protective hand of daddy. It was so precious, she calmed right down when he had both hands on her soothing her... she knew who he was!

"And now they're getting me wet and washing me!" But, look at that pretty hair and those rosie cheeks!

First clothes and daddy is putting her first dipper on.

And I'll leave you with the foot prints.... it was so very neat to be able to be there for this very special once in a life time event!

Oh! And I forgot to mention, I got to cut the umbilical cord! Terry didn't want to have anything to do with it and then she asked me if I wanted to. I said, "sure", of course I would say that. What a awesome thing to be a part of. And some say there is no God... they are FOOLS!

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