Friday, March 27, 2009

I finally did it! This is the cut I wanted before. Then we decided to play it safe and do my regular cut.. then I went home and thought about it more..

And I kept thinking, "I really do want it shorter, I really do want to try something new. I really like the look of that 'A cut' and I want to try it"

I told Bridget that this shows so, so much trust in her. I haven't had short hair since I was about 16! That was nine years ago.. and speaking of nine. She cut NINE inches off!! It was.. I think she said, two inches away from being able to donate it:-( Oh well, I couldn't wait any longer!

My bangs are up here.. up I just love the cut!! I love, love, love the shape!!

I got my first "round brush" and had to ask her what that looked like exactly. I am not a primping girly girl. I also got a straight iron. I knew what that was:-p I now have all the irons I should ever need. Matt's glad about that. The flat iron was the only one I didn't really have. I was pampered today!

It is so perfect! It's just what I wanted. Just what I wanted! I love Bridget, she does an amazing job! I am just so thrilled and impressed, and glad I love it as much as I hoped I would:-) I went here to get it done, it's where the amazing Bridget works ~ ask for her!!!

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Everything's coming up PINK!
I love pink.. What can I say..?

Pink scarf... even PINK rubber gloves for washing dishes!!

Lots of Pink purses... this is just one of them. Matt is doing a wonderful job of modeling it:)

PINK mittens... and I love them!

I even like the word "pink"... say it a few times to yourself and you'll see what I mean. See? Don't you like it.. pink:)

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Gray day....
Went for a very windy and chilly walk on Monday. Went on the bike path along the chappy Mississippi...

Even the clouds were choppy...

And I felt like a home schooled nerd when I made this with vines along the path on my way back... I even found bitter sweet to put on it! Does anyone know if they sell seeds for bitter sweet? Or does it just grow wild... I want to grow some but don't know much about it.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

This is 880....

She is a crazy girl! She really is. When the guys go down to bring another group of cow in to be milked she actually goes out of her way to find the guys and let her know she's there and would be happy to be pet a little..? She's a fruit cake, that's really the only way to put it.

She was eating up all this attention (and my camera!!). She's a supper star!

Ever see a cow's big old, wet, slimy nose!? That's 880, up close and personal!

Matt and 880, she just loves anyone who's willing to touch her, pet her, scratch her. She's a sweet girl. I love cows that you just see and know just like I see some one out about about that you know. They have a personality, just like anyone else.. just like she's a person!

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On Friday night we went to the Acoustic Cafe to listen to some friends play, Neal and Landon. They were very enjoyable to listen to.

There was an open mic after they played and this cute little girl sang while her dad played the gaiter, she was very good!

I always enjoy all the art that the Acoustic has all around the Cafe. People will have their drawings, photography or paintings there for sale. Thought this was a neat one..

Interesting view. There was a big table of youth sitting in front of us. We've gotten old and it was fun to watch them interact.

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Pregnancy announcement..
Doesn't she look the picture of happiness?!?

That's because last Tuesday she found out she's pregnant!!! She's thrilled. She may not look like it right now, but it's 10:30 at night and she's being milked, again, come on! Really, she was happy when she found out.

716 is a very fun, good natured cow. She's kind of a goof ball actually. She loves to have her head scratched and have a little attention every day. That's all it takes to make her happy.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Life has been crazy. My lack of blogging is living proof. Work, school, bills, house hold work, friends, family and fitting something "fun and different" in there sometimes... oh, and sleep! There's no time for other things. Some days I don't even get around to checking my e-mail. I never thought I'd be that busy, but here we are..
And after all that, I have nothing of real worth to say.
Day light savings time is the light switch point for me in my seasonal depression. Saying light later helps, more sun helps. We took the plastic off of the windows last Saturday. Some day I'll have real windows that I don't have to cover with plastic in the Winter months. The cats were just as happy as I was for that momentous occasion. They love watching the birds, squirrels and neighbors.
I have some green coming to life in my yard. I haven't had the camera out in too long. I will take it tonight and hopefully use it. I think about it, I just don't get to it. I was out doing some racking, raking the gravel, dirt and sand back into the road:-/ And then it got windy and I gave up. It's not totally nice enough out yet to do that kind of thing. I'm a wuss, I know.
On a deeper note. We have been very mellow and thankful lately spiritually. Thankful for the truth, living in the truth and how it truly sets you free. So thankful that God's placed hard things in our lives to teach us and show us what's really important in our lives. Not the things around us or the way we "look" to others. We've made mistakes, but we've let the LORD teach us all of HIM through them. We own them and then want others to see us as real ppl and ppl that you can learn from their mistakes. We're thankful that God has allowed all of those things and I'm sure more "things" to come.
Grandma is doing well. She's back home. Has been for almost a week already. She's happy to be there with her kitty cat:-) We will be having Tanner's birthday get together there tomorrow. Hard to believe my "little brother" will be 18!?!? Hope he makes better choices this year then he did last:-) He's such a good guy, just needs to get his act together a bit:-) It will be fun. He's dating a really sweet girl that we like, so maybe she'll get to him:-)
Well, we're off to the Acoustic Cafe to have dinner with brother Tyler and his wonderful girlfriend, Jami and to listen to a friend and his band play. Should be good fun!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Grandma's room. Isn't she just so cute! This was last Wednesday. She showered that morning and then later on in the day I went and did her hair for her:-) She looked so cute!

Her hair all did! It looked really cute and this picture doesn't really do it justice. I had a chair set up in the bathroom for her to sit on while I did her hair. We had gone for a walk in the halls before you did it. They were making popcorn so we took some back to the room for her. I went outside to talk w/ mom on the phone for a min and I came back in and grandma's all settled in to her beauty chair, munching on her popcorn. She looked sooo cute! I wished later I had taken a picture!

The bathroom...

The Bed w/ the kitty laying on it..

Her "sitting area" and closet

All ready for bed... aren't they just too cute all comfy!?

On Thursday she got the flu:( Then on Saturday night Matt and I got the flu really bad. We had been w/ her a lot, helping w/ laundry and such and caught it. Oh well, would have gotten it somewhere I'm sure. It's been so nice to have her in LaCrosse where Matt and I are all the time anyway. It would have been hard for us to find time to see her if she had been in Winona. Besides being sick, we've been able to see her every day. She's such a blessing to me. Matt also loves her as his own grandma. She's so very up-beat and positive about everything! I mean everything, too! What a great lesson to learn and legacy to leave. It is what it is and we're going to be thankful for what we have. I love her dearly and have always been so thankful for her being such a big part of my life all my growing up years!
Matt and I went out to the mall on Saturday and got her two really pretty new blouses and a tee shirt to put under them. She keeps saying she hasn't bought anything new in so long. She loved what we got her and lit right up when she saw them:-) They are very pretty colors that she looks really nice in. We'll have to try and get her out once this week, or to church next week so she can wear one of them:-)
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