Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And this...

is what we looked like after the day on the river. ReD.
oh, but what a good time we had.
I can't even put it into words. We are blessed.
I am blessed.
I get to be married to my best friend in life.

Day on the river. Ahh, that was long over due. It was a perfect day for it. beautiful! Some sun and sand always does you good when you're going through a lot.
Do you think his legs could be any longer!? I love this man...


My collage student!
PeRfEcT day!?
The many, many movements of Ollie...

he would actually go into the water, and swim to get the stick!
Out swimming with his very best friend!!
Making a cake. That wasn't very good. was fun.

I mean, isn't it pretty!? It wasn't that good. only one person actually liked it I think. It was fun to make and pretty.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My beautiful flowers. I am finding that the colors aren't as brit and pretty once I upload them on to my blog. I think I need a nicer blog. haha. One I'd have to pay for:-) Anyway, enjoy for yard thru pictures. I will miss summer. so much!

Matt picking tomatoes.. Matt loves his peppers and tomatoes! He's very cute about them. Weeds them and gives me progress reports. I actually just made some Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.. yumm:)

last rhubarb for the year:( Sad. I give it miracle grow to coax it along all summer.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My long time friend, Sara, got married last weekend. I have been friends with Sara since I was I think 14. Her daddy walking her down the isle.

I do..?

Her mommy made the cake!
This is Caledonia where they got married, truly God's country:)

Sara has been a dear friend to me. We have been supports for one another in different ways in different times of our lives. Such a blessing. I kind of grew up at her house when I wasn't at my own or milking cows. I love her family, they are my family:) They have also been a big part of Matt's life for even longer then they've been in mine. Great people!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is the question....

To have kids now, or not. It's so like me to blog about this and not just keep it to myself and be privet about it. I am starting to feel like with Matt going back to school we aren't going anywhere, we're "stuck" here and are now officially "tided down" so why not? The other part of me thinks I don't need the stress of that too! However, I told Matt "if that happens right now, that would look like nothing in the grand scheme of everything else going on in our lives." I did also think that I do not want to have kids when Matt in school. But.... you can work a school schedule around a kid more then a job schedule! it's all going to be so much work now, why not add this too, start it and get it over with:) The more I think about it, the more I don't want to wait till I'm 32 to have kids... We could be done having kids by then..

Ahhh. And here I am going back and forth... making plans according to what little I can see. The LORD is probably giggling at me as I write this thinking "she has plans, and no idea what I have planed for them!" We shall see..

So, we are now made out of money around here! Thanks to our home ownership. New septic and well, here we come! We have a banker in LaCrescent that everyone raves about being so good. He is good. We are now made of money;-) Come to find he lives down the street from us, has a good friend up to street from us and walks past our house all the time! We live in a very small, everyone knows everyone community. We love it. I am waiting for a well guy and a county guy right now. No one has come and I'm getting tired of waiting. My house stinks and I have lots of dishes. I think I'll go clean someone else's house today.

Has anyone ever hear of "Baltic Amber" being warn on infants as "nature's ibuprofen?" Is this real? Does it work? Or is it a bunch of hooey!? The oils are suppose to rub off on your skin and be a pain reliever. Any ideas??

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a WoNdErFuL life...
It's MY life...

The man and his fish. He was up at the lake w/ his daddy for the weekend
My daddy w/ a really amazing (I guess..?) Jon Deer. He was impressed and it was pretty:)
We found this Yamaka at a garage sale. Why did she have one? Why was she selling it at a garage sale? We had fun w/ it....
Oliver is actually Jewish. And isn't he stunning!?
Dad camping, helping make lunch, sweet corn!
Chilling w/ the family. Tim adjusting his Yamaka...

up close..
more chillin'... Ollie is a good camping. Matt took him on lots of walks down by the river where Oliver had a great time.
Knitting lesson! Sisters. These two are always having a pretty good time and it makes me wish (however only slightly) that I had a sister. I have pretty great "sister-in-laws" though. Becky wants to be prepared for old age and know how to knit. Interesting way to look at it:)
I mede a pie
I made a pie recipe up
Matt wanted a raspberry rhubarb pie. I didn't want one that was a cool one, I wanted one I baked and then was solid. Know what I mean?
This is what I ended up with..
I did a pie with a top, something I never do... And it went well:)

I sent it with Matt in the cabin so he had to do the
end result pictures for me. It turned out well!
Better then I would have guessed!
So pretty. I was impressed with myself:)