Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here's a new blog for you to check out!

This is our friend, Neal, you should check out his blog! He's a very cool guy who's got a heart for God and that's fun to see! He goes to CBC and plays softball w/ us:-)
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Softball playoffs!

The guys had their first playoff game last night - and they won!!! I am pretty sure it was Sara, Glady and I cheering at the end there that did it:-) It was such a good game to watch!! I haven't been very good at paying attention cause it's more fun to sit and talk to all those ladies then watch. But, last night I went and sat in the dug out for a bit and it was such a fun game to watch!

Here they are after the big WIN!! Yay... we get to play next week now, in the championship game:-D

Glady helping to cheer. Look at that look on her face!? Such a cutie! She's been changing so much week to week, looking so grown up:-( Those little looks she gives you are so.. young lady - you better watch out Sara, she'll be a looker:-)
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Brage family vacation..

We're on a small vacation w/ the Brage family - Matt's mom's side of the family. It's been wonderful so far! Matt and I went out fishing yesterday. Didn't get anything cause it was the middle of the day, but had fun anyway. Here you can see Lake Pepin, Matt, Me and the boat:-D

Matt's cute sister, Katie. She was wearing it like a dipper so that she could "bounce" in the water. She's pretty cute!

There's also a pool. Ryan diving in. I was taking action shots of him:-) Matt and Jeremy were being little boys earlier in the day, playing all these games in the pool - cute men we have:-)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just a little post...

I really want to blog and share all the very fun stuff we've been up to, I just don't have time... because of all the fun stuff we've been up to:-) I'll get to a real post soon.....

These are my three handsome brothers! They are all such great guys.. I miss being young and silly with them sometimes, but they are fun adults, too:-) Trevor on the left (it was his birthday), me, Tyler and Tanner on the other end.

Here we are w/ my grandma Jane. My dad's mom. She is the BEST GRANDMA EVER! We were so blessed to be able to spend so much time w/ her and grandpa all our growing up years! We always have fun at her house. She is such a fun lady. She always looks so cute, she doesn't have an old lady style.. and for being, I believe, 89 that's pretty good! Notice her matching bracelets!? She's wonderful!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My beautiful yard..

Some of my beautiful flox, I have so many of them and in so many pretty colors:-)

I really was going to remember what these were called. They are pretty flowers in my wheelbarrow.

Some pretty flower that I planted by seed about three years ago and now they're turning out to be something - and that was long enough ago that I don't remember what they're called either:-p

A pink Cosmo in my front yard:-) They are so pretty.. I can't wait til more of them are blooming!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

I so want to sit here and blog, and put my pretty yard pictures up... and maybe I will later. Just don't have time now... but wanted to share this pretty picture w/ you - it's my Cosmo:-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is a beautiful wall hanging my mommy, Barb, made me!! She is so talanted! Someday when I have more time, I hope to be able to do things like this.. we'll see though, I'm not very patient. I love my mommy!
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Jakie O

Christa on the boat at the cabin. This picture is so Jakie O. Rachael took it and I stole it off of her fb:-)
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more of the weekend..

Hank LOVES to swim. He'll just plob off the end of the dock and swim around in circles, get out and do it again:-)

Matt and Ben on the new bikes. They went for three rides in one day! Can we say having fun!? This was their last ride so they wanted me to get some shots of them. Oh, Rachael, did marry men who are boys at hear!? Look at them.. They were flashing me their gang sign:-p

Ben, doesn't he just look like he needs one!?

I didn't take very many pictures last weekend. I guess I just wasn't in the mood. This is a cool one that I took. Just for fun..

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Our weekend..

We went to the lake in Amery this last weekend. It was beautiful. Kind of windy, but great temp and beautiful weather. Matt did some fishing. Didn't catch anything really. This is a picture of White Ash Lake. I liked it because it's kind of over exposed.

Hank (the dog) loves fishing too! He loves it cause he fetches the lure when they throw it out. Here he is helping put worms on the hook:-)

Julie was fishing! She was catching sunnies and just putting them back. She's such a fun, cute lady!

Rachael keeping Hank away from Julies bobber:-) None of us did any up-keep, just got up and got dressed, it was wonderful!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I feel as though...

I don't have much to say really..

I have a cute picture of our bunnies for you. Chester is all layed out enjoying himself and Emma was cleaning his head. They love each other so much!

Today was mellow. I only had to work once and then we had Matt's softball game. They won by 6.. that's their... fourth win in a row now I think.

After the game we went to see little Quilon in the hospital. He is so precious! He had Jaundice and had to stay two nights because of that. Quilon has been sleeping under all these lights, even laying on one to help w/ the Jaundice. He looks pretty happy under his 90 degree lights:-) Today they were going to be able to leave and then they noticed he was only taking about 15 to 20 breaths a mins and he should be taking about 30. So, he was in for another night. He's doing really well, they just wanted to watch him one more night. Raychel is doing okay. She's so fun, cute and down to earth! She's getting tired of being in that one small room. Hopefully they'll get to go home tomorrow - for good this time:-)

I made four rhubarb pies today! Two regular ones after I got home from work and then two more tonight w/ a cream cheese layer on top. If I'm feeling like it, I will put pictures up of my new pie recipe. They do look beautiful!

While I was making my pies and the cleaning up my huge mess from that (that took longer then actually MAKING the pies), Matt played w/ his fishing poles. Getting them all ready for fishing this weekend at the cabin!! We're so excited to be going up to just be lazy and hang out w/ family! Matt bought his in state licence tonight. We'll have to get a weekend, out of state one for this weekend. He was putting new line on some of them. I was teasing him that he's always "putting new line on" and having to buy new line........... but yet, he never finds time to fish, therefor never actually catches anything to eat and make it worth while - Then I though of all the stuff that's such a good idea, buy it and then never use it:-D He's a cute boy - telling me all about his different poles and why he likes what about them. I love him so much!

Well, it's off to bed for me. My typing is really getting crazy, I'm typing words that I didn't even mean to type and then wonder how that got there.. also a lot of backspacing going on! NIGHT!
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Our weekend..

A pretty firework... they were pretty, but they all look the same in pictures after a while..

Brother Tyler driving his new boat. Matt got to water ski!!

Here he is, up on skies after more then five years. He's been wanting to get back out there and do this:-) He did so well, too.. never fell:-)

Tired, though.. he skied and skied!

Later in the day we had a great trip down the Root River canoeing. Had a wonderful time and got lots of sun:-) I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want the camera to get wet or something to happen to it.. and my little one is broke:-( It was a perfect weekend filled w/ family and friends!

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Our 4th...

We all went out to eat at the Freight House for dinner on the 4th. We walked thru the Riverfest grounds to get there. Stopped at the fountain so Sarah could get in for a picture. Here we all are - minus Sarah, who's taking the picture.

Abby and her yummy drink. We had some fun drinks here and then Nick got a bottle of wine to share. It was so good. The food was amazing too! We laughed that THIS is why we don't have kids! We wouldn't be out late, sipping drinks, spending too much money on food and drinks if we all had kids:-) We love it!

I'm not really sure what this was about, but it was fun! The girls in their shades w/ their drinks:-)

Matt and I at the restaurant. What a wonderfully fun night! We watched the fireworks and then went to a dance club place because Sarah and Abby wanted to dance. It was dead. And the ppl that were there were funny to watch, or some chick hitting on one of us girls:-/ We didn't stay long there:-p It was such a fun night, that we're all talking about how and when we'll repeat it again:-)

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th Of July!!

Me and Sarah on the Vespa! This is just a stunning picture. We even kind of match. We rode around on this and the men were in the cars going their own way.

This is Quilon. He is two days old here. So beautiful. So tiny and precious. I haven't had a baby in my life in a long time, so it was so fun to hold him and watch him. He was another "I just can't stop taking pictures" of him. Mom, Raychel, looked great! I can't wait to see him grow, however, he's sooo cute right now!

My thumb looks big he's so tiny:-)

This is Glady.. she was pretty cute on Wednesday. She's growing too! All these little kids are so cute and picture worthy:-) Glady was having a good time chasing the softballs and going over and hanging out w/ the big guys - she looked so cute w/ all those big tall guys around her in her cute little pink shorts and chubby legs.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grilling Pizza

So, we decided to grill a pizza from scratch! We grilled all the veggies and then the crust a little on one side. We put the toppings on the grilled side and put it on the grill. We used a cookie sheet to get it on and off. Towards the end it was getting done too fast and the cheese wasn't melting fast enough so we put it on the cookie sheet and then over two bricks on the grill. We were pretty proud of ourselves - AND it was AMAZING!! It was hands down the best pizza at home, from scratch we've ever made! I am so happy that my hubby likes to cook w/ me! He will never be the man that comes home and wants a hot meal on the table now. He'd rather poke around w/ me and help make dinner if we have time. I love that about him! So, try it if you can.. it was fun and tasted GREAT!
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