Friday, November 13, 2009

Pretty calves....

Ever get caught in a picture with a mouth full of food???

My muddy boy! He had rolled in mud. Lots of it. This is after I brushed him a lot.

Pretty new toes!
back to the pasture

Here we are a little drugged up, before and durning the trimming. He has to have a little sedative before his trimming. He gets a little.... impatient and won't hold his foot up. If I worked with him more and picked up his feet now and then this wouldn't be an issue. Sooooo, he gets drugs:)
It's a HORSE, of corse!

This is Henry. He's my horse that my daddy so kindly takes such good care of for me. He's a good little horsey! I had a hoof trimming app last week for this big boy. I had told the guy I work for that I have a hoof trimming app to get to after work and he looks at me and says, "you mean you're going to get your nails done??" Very puzzled. I said, "do I look like the type to get my nails done!?" "No, that's why I was a little confused! But there are some woman that get that done every two weeks or something *said w/ slight distain* " Yeah... And I would call my own nails hoofs?? I'm a little goofy, but not that goofy!!!
My canned sauerkraut!
My canned salsa. It's SOO good. The only problem, I had 15 of these 2 cup jars.... and we have 3 of them left. I canned them on Sep 8th! We do love our salsa. Next year I hope do to more and much bigger jars:)
This is an amazing cranberry cake that I try to make at least once every Fall. It's got this topping that's amazing also - I'm sure that's because it's half and half, butter and sugar!!! :-o

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mozzarella Cheese making..
Have to have rennet tablets..
and citric acid
get ready!!
it'll start to get thick and kind of gooey and curdled
THEN is starts to look like Mozzarella! The whey and cheese start to separate
then you drain off the whey and squeeeeeze it.
then you microwave it for a few min and a half and squeeze it some more
Microwave again and, again, squeeze!
again, squeeze and strech

Then it looks like this!
I made two smaller balls and then this is the cheese in cold water, cooling.
Later we shredded it and....
Had PIZZA!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Eat Cheese or Die"

Making Feta Cheese

This is after I've done the heating up of the milk and then let it sit over night. All curdled!

Then I put it in a cheese cloth and let the whey drain off for a few hours. I actually left it for a long while and still had to squeeze some more whey out.
After it's drained I put the curd into a bowl. Put a little salt w/ it and I added garlic and a little garlic salt. So my feta will be garlic feta.
Wrap it in a cloth and put it into a "mold," that being a tin can:)
put the top back on (sort of) and then put a weight on it and put it in the fridge
You save some of the whey to make a brine out of, that's what that is on the left. And then my cheese ready to come out of the mold
there it is, before I take the towel off
and then after I unwrap it and am ready to cut it
All cut up and ready to go into my brine for a few days
Into this big jar and then.....

And then in the brine and ready to do it's thing. They say the longer it sits the more dry and crumbly it'll be.

My kitchen helper. Pretty boy!!!