Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some great dEaLs!

This is $47.96 worth of groceries. I payed $18.88!! Some great Quillon's deals this week.

Oliver is going to be a Mighty Dog! And to make him Mighty, Walmart payed me 30¢!! You're welcome Walmart for taking this off your hands:)
(there's one missing cause he was dying to try it!)

This is more Quillon's deals! all this for $6.99 - with nine items that makes it 77¢ each!!

This was a Target deal two weeks ago I believe. The cereal was 25¢ each and the milk was FREE. Two of the huggies were $5. and the other two were $4.50 each.

Another one that I made money on. I made $2.84!! Nice, ha? :) I love this hobby!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I no longer have this very pretty bush in my yard. that doesn't make me all that sad. it was very pretty last year.. I feel like it's very hit and miss when it looked like this and when it was just ugly. It bloomed for three days and then it was just an ugly bush. So, we had the guy take it out when he did the septic last Fall. The yard is very ugly right now. I'm not sure what to do about that. should we just plant grass and go for a yard, or should I do a garden and make it profitable and a lot of work. That's the part that scares me, I don't know how much time I'll have to take care of a garden this summer so will it just turn into a nasty weed patch? What to do? Time will tell. We'll probably end up doing a little of both. Because I KNOW I'm not going to have time to take care of a garden the size of my whole yard. that's my pointless rant for the day. stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I had the privilege to do an engagement shoot with this cute couple! I have known Andrea for years, since late grade school... she's always been SUCH a HUGE blessing me to and it an amazing friend and young woman! Jeremiah is such a great guy and loves her so much. I am so very thrilled for them. They have found happiness! They are getting married on a beach on Florida in May. How fun, right?! Enjoy they eye candy. I had SO MUCH FUN doing this for them. I just keep looking at these pictures and loving them more and more every time;-)

I think this one is so far my favorite!

Stunning couple, right!?
Congratulations guys!
Can you tell me what's not like the other in this picture??
(or should I say, not like it should be)

Notice? I found this on the internet and wanted to try it. Worked really well for a homemade lens cap... :)
Here's a hint - "I heart my camera!!"
I love my pictures! I have thought about taking all my pictures on my picture boards down to start over. But, there are problems with that. I would MISS these pictures! I don't print very many pictures anymore. I'd miss the memories. The boards would look so sad with out anything on them for a while. So, I think I'm going to leave them for now.

Fresh bread!
Yummmm. I love it toasted with jelly...
One of my favorite things.....
This is a wonderful book that my bible study girls are reading together. It's such a simple, good read! It's a great insight into a woman's heart. It's all so true and really makes me think, makes all of us think and usually makes for some very good discussions. Our last chapter was on pains and hurts that have effected us in our lives. It didn't highly pertain to me, however it makes me so much more aware of why people might be acting they way they do. It's been a very good book and such an easy read. Read it if you can!

Playing w/ my new 50mm lens! It's so fun and I love it so far!!!

isn't that fun!?
And Ollie....
He is his daddy's boy... and he also LOVES going to grandma's house! LOVES it. Like you have no idea:)
We had to get BOX of Purex we got so much:)

These are my really cheap (and super cute if you ask me) crocs! They were $15.00 shipped to my door! I also got this lip color for about $2. cheaper on line delivered to my door then I've seen it anywhere in a store. Awesome:)
So as you can see my life is... fun and cheap:) I love it that way. I am living on a collage students budget w/ a mortgage payment!

It was a good day in the mail for samples and coupons:)
It's so fun to get something FUN in the mail:) It's so worth signing up!

FREE, Free, FrEe...

All of this laundry soap was free w/ couponing!
They were on sale at Walgreen's BOGO and then I had a BOGO coupon. Soooo, the coupon bought the one I was suppose to buy:)
It was $84.00 worth of laundry soap. I am pretty proud:) Thanks to my friend Raychel and her hubby I had 7 of those coupons!! Amazing.
I paid less then $1.40... for tax:(