Saturday, February 13, 2010

If you don't know how to relax....

you could learn a few things from Hank!

Friday, February 5, 2010

We went to the little Methadest Church on the corner just down the street. We had been at Matt's parents for the afternoon and then on our way home we saw a guy salting the church sidewalk so we stopped and asked him what time the service was. We had 20 minutes to get home and great ready. We hadn't even showered. We looked pretty good and were only about 5 minutes late.

It was such a small, and yet huge, blessing to have happened appon that service. It was decorated so very beautifully. Such a cute little country church. It was wonderful. They read the Christmas store and lit candles as they went. So precious!
There was this basket of very pretty little "The symbols of Holly" card... they were so pretty. It layed around my room for days and I'd pick it up and admire it. So, I loved taking pictures of it:)
What a neat idea. I had never seen this before.
And these were the only other Christmas cookies we made cause I was craving them:)


Frosting, frosting and more frosting

So, we might not be able to decorate cookies quit like this when there are kids involved someday;-) And Matt choosing our Christmas music for the evening, Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time

So this post is about a month and a half over due!

one of the only thing I made for Christmas....

Oreo Truffles and dipped ritz w/ peanut butter in the middle:)

And my brother is finally giving me the sister I've always wanted!!!!

Jami is an amazing young woman! I am so thrilled that she will officially be a prat of the family.. but really she has been all along:) She is so perfect for Tyler. She's beautiful inside and out, caring, outgoing, smart, a very hard worker, very honest and she loves my little brother! I am just so, so thrilled..
And she always looks so stinking cute! She's always doing something fun and cute w/ her hair and wearing something ever cuter yet! Sometimes I try to keep up w/ her... but there's no hope for me:)
And the stunning ring that Tyler had made just for her! It's so pretty and shines so much. I just can't say enough how blessed I am..... she's a great friend to me and a huge blessing!