Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surprise... for me!!

A Magnolia tree!!

we came home from work on Sunday night and Matt opened that garage door and this is what I saw!!! We have wanted on for about two years now. Matt's sister and parents had a huge part in the transport and surprise of it! Katie ordered it and took it to Amery where Matt's parents picked it up and brought it to our house! Thank you so much guys!!!

THIS is what it will hopefully look like in a few years. I am pretty sure they are rather slow growing and doesn't get too big, ten by ten. It will soon have a home in my front yard:) I am thrilled!!!

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Jody Blue said...

you'll have to give us Maggie tree updates!

Tami said...

Can they live in the north? I discovered them when we lived in Texas, but always thought they were only able to survive in the south. Please, oh please say they can live up north. If they do, I'm going on a search for our yard when we do our landscaping this fall.

Tessa Nelson said...

yep, they are fine here. I think the coldest zone is 4 though. My sister in law (who works at a green house) got it for me. I have a neighbor that has one that's about 18 years old and it's beautiful:)

Tami said...

Oh yeah! I'm so excited. You should see how big they are in the south. They are the size of ginormous oaks. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I ran across one in San Antonio, TX.

Becca Nelson said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see it!