Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some good summer reads... 

I read "Belong to me" by this author and really, really liked it. I wish I had found this book first, cause reall

y it should be read first and then "Belong to me" I loved her books, though!! Just fun, good book wher

e you love the ppl in them by the end, I always love those books... like you walk away and have new 


I have discovered that I really like this author! Have read a few by him now and have more on order at the library:) They are always good thinking books, keeps my attention and are always changing and taking good twists. 

These are a few books I have just read and really, really liked. "Suddenly" is a romance and I'm not usually much of a romance reader. It was good, though. Some annoying sex, but I skip them... :) I have my own sex, I don't need to read about theirs:-p But, it kept my interest, and that's a good sign.

SO, read one of these... or let me know what you're reading... I am always looking for another good book/author to read!!

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