Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some great dEaLs!

This is $47.96 worth of groceries. I payed $18.88!! Some great Quillon's deals this week.

Oliver is going to be a Mighty Dog! And to make him Mighty, Walmart payed me 30¢!! You're welcome Walmart for taking this off your hands:)
(there's one missing cause he was dying to try it!)

This is more Quillon's deals! all this for $6.99 - with nine items that makes it 77¢ each!!

This was a Target deal two weeks ago I believe. The cereal was 25¢ each and the milk was FREE. Two of the huggies were $5. and the other two were $4.50 each.

Another one that I made money on. I made $2.84!! Nice, ha? :) I love this hobby!


Becca Nelson said...

I bought 7 early addition papers last Saturday so I have TONS of coupons!! I hope to get lots of good stuff this weekend at Rainbow with my doubles. I should start planning my trips now.

Tessa Nelson said...

what's early addition papers? How much did that cost? You should just get seven weekend papers!? You should take pictures and show us what you get! I wish we had more here.. our little grocery stores don't cut it sometimes and don't do doubles! :(

Becca Nelson said...

Early addition papers are saturday papers that have all of the coupons and they only cost 50 cents each! Do they sell them in LaCrosse? So may good coupons last week! The stinky thing is that when I went to Rainbow on Saturday to use by coupons and double them, everyone else had the same idea and they were out of stock of almost everything. I got a raincheck, but it still stinks that I had to make the trip all the way to Savage!

I didn't get extra papers this week because they only had one insert. Here is a schedule of what is going to be in the paper:

Jody Blue said...

WOW what aLOT of deals! You are good.

Alaina said...

Those Gillette Fusion razors are the BEST. It's all I use!