Monday, June 30, 2008

My amazing husband...!

I have to brag about my amazing husband for a min here.. I will post more about my wonderful trip to MI when I have more time:-)

When Matt came to pick me up at Heather's from the trip home from MI Matt had these for me!! Beautiful roses... and Dove chocolates:-) I missed him so much for just two nights. We aren't apart much and when I am away from him like that (all weekend) I feel like my other half is gone, away from me. I am so, so blessed!!!

Then later in the night he made me a very pretty drink to sip on while in the tub...

He had cleaned the tub and took the shower curtain down so that I could take a long relaxing bath! It was wonderful.. He lit all these candles and had mellow music on.. It was wonderful! I warned him, though, if I take a bath I will have to go to bed, it's going to put me to sleep:-)

He also went and got me this amazing smelling Yankee Candle that I've been wanting! Also some good smells he knows I love from Bath and Body Works! My night was AMAZING!!! Thanks to an AMAZING husband.... I AM BLESSED!

I AM BLESSED! He makes my heart so very happy. I couldn't stop smiling when we got home and I could hug him again:-)
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Sarah M. said...

You're so lucky!!