Friday, January 23, 2009

I love, love, love being a farm girl!
These are pictures of me on the farm...
I cow kicked me in the chest. Yep, that's the hoof print right on my chest. I took this picture 1)because it was funny and 2) because I just had to send it to Sarah and Abby so they could see what I get to do every day:-)

On of my mommy's calves this summer... it's a calf from "my" farm. These little babies are big boys now though!

Here I am on a hot summer day, in the barn, milking cows... I look so tan, happy and warm here, those days will be back, I promise.

These are the big clunky rubbers that I wear every day, warm or cold, I clomp around in them. Sometimes I feel like I should have much sexier legs due to how heavy they are!

The quality isn't that great on these pictures because it's from my phone (and I look like crap because the cows don't care!). I was just going through some pictures and saw these from my phone file and I just couldn't resist smiling and thinking to myself, "no one could ever take the love of farming out of me... it's such a joy!" and then sharing them with you all!

I am on call for breeding tomorrow. Kind of a funny thing to be "on call" for, but someone has to do it! I have had to lose Matt for my Tuesday night milkings and that makes me sad. But, I still have him and his help on Thursday and Sunday nights!

The girl, just a girl from a farm, is back in the blogging world! Yay=)

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Raychel Marie said...

You do look so nice and tan in your pictures. Oh to have the sun and its warmth will be here soon.
That had to hurt when you got kicked in the chest like that.

Jody Blue said...

So glad you are back!! My boys couldn't believe the cow kick, I hope it didn't hurt. To have your own personal cow kick story documented is a feat! Thanks for sharing!!

Barb said...

On call for breeding....Would that be a booty call? Does it pay extra? I'm glad you're back too!
Mama loves her little farm girl!