Monday, January 26, 2009

In Perfect Words....

**This is from a blog of a Photographer that I follow. She put it in be best words!!! Here it is... **

"(If you haven't seen this picture before- it is 21 week unborn baby having surgery while still inside the womb. During the surgery the baby reached through the incision. The surgeon reached forward his hand and the baby grasped his finger. Such a powerful image. Is this not a life that should be protected?)"
"President Obama has only been in office three days and he has already lifted a ban on oversea funding for abortions. Really, is that the first order of business? With all the problems our country faces, the first thing to do is to start giving our tax money to other countries to kill babies as well? Really? I heard this on NPR news this morning as I was taking the kids to school. The next item of news was that a girl was being charged for animal cruelty because she had her cat tattooed! Does anyone else see the craziness in this? It's OK to kill a baby, but we can't let an animal suffer any pain. A pain that humans impose upon themselves every day by choice. Not that I think you should tattoo your cat, but REALLY?"
"I don't blame Obama. He was elected by the voice of the people. That is what a democracy is. He is supposed to act for the people, and what they want. He was very clear about his agenda, and this is not a surprise. I am just so so sad that this is what the majority of the people in our nation want."
"The ability to create life, to have children, is the greatest gift that God has given us. The greatest and most sacred responsibility as well. A newborn baby is such a miracle. Just look at the pictures below. I am so overwhelmed with a reverence and a love of God when I am even in the presence of a newborn baby. There is a special spirit about them. It is very clear to me that they have recently been in the presence of God. It is hard for me to see and feel this joy, and be OK with abortion. Especially when I have seen the joy of adoption as well. We do have a choice. The choice is between good and evil. "


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Well said... Kristi

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2nd on that Amen.

That Girl in Brazil said...

Okay, CRAZY that I just posted about this very subject today - although I didn't write it half as well.

It frightens me. Like hide-under-the-bed frightens me.