Friday, March 20, 2009

Life has been crazy. My lack of blogging is living proof. Work, school, bills, house hold work, friends, family and fitting something "fun and different" in there sometimes... oh, and sleep! There's no time for other things. Some days I don't even get around to checking my e-mail. I never thought I'd be that busy, but here we are..
And after all that, I have nothing of real worth to say.
Day light savings time is the light switch point for me in my seasonal depression. Saying light later helps, more sun helps. We took the plastic off of the windows last Saturday. Some day I'll have real windows that I don't have to cover with plastic in the Winter months. The cats were just as happy as I was for that momentous occasion. They love watching the birds, squirrels and neighbors.
I have some green coming to life in my yard. I haven't had the camera out in too long. I will take it tonight and hopefully use it. I think about it, I just don't get to it. I was out doing some racking, raking the gravel, dirt and sand back into the road:-/ And then it got windy and I gave up. It's not totally nice enough out yet to do that kind of thing. I'm a wuss, I know.
On a deeper note. We have been very mellow and thankful lately spiritually. Thankful for the truth, living in the truth and how it truly sets you free. So thankful that God's placed hard things in our lives to teach us and show us what's really important in our lives. Not the things around us or the way we "look" to others. We've made mistakes, but we've let the LORD teach us all of HIM through them. We own them and then want others to see us as real ppl and ppl that you can learn from their mistakes. We're thankful that God has allowed all of those things and I'm sure more "things" to come.
Grandma is doing well. She's back home. Has been for almost a week already. She's happy to be there with her kitty cat:-) We will be having Tanner's birthday get together there tomorrow. Hard to believe my "little brother" will be 18!?!? Hope he makes better choices this year then he did last:-) He's such a good guy, just needs to get his act together a bit:-) It will be fun. He's dating a really sweet girl that we like, so maybe she'll get to him:-)
Well, we're off to the Acoustic Cafe to have dinner with brother Tyler and his wonderful girlfriend, Jami and to listen to a friend and his band play. Should be good fun!

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Becky said...

Isn't your little brother 19 now? I know, he'll always be about 6 to me!!