Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Re-Siding Anyone!?
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Last Sunday we went and helped my brother, Tyler, start the re-siding process of his house. We will have to do this same thing some day:-/ It was time consuming. It was vinyl, then insulated cardboard, then cedar siding, then some paper stuff... and then it was the place we wanted to be!! There were so, so, so many nails!! That siding wasn't going anywhere.

See all the layers!?

It was cold!! We really thought that it was going to be nicer... it wasn't. There was one side of the house that was warm and that's where I was the most productive!

Our finished product! And then Tyler did a lot more later that night and the next night! He is so ambitious!

Puka! She's the star of the show, really. She's so fun and cute! She's got her own little personality!

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Barb said...

I'm sure you got good moral support from Puka! Nice of you to help out your brother! A payback for all the times you dressed Tyler up in dresses!