Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are any of you into Twilight?

Some of my friends are:) And I go along with it and watch the movies because they do and it's a great excuse to get together with friends. We went and saw the movie Eclipse last Wednesday night. It was the best movie yet, of the three.

This is a picture for Raychel:)

And I liked this one cause it's kind of artsy.

I would really like to read the books because the girls say that the books are a lot better then the movies. Have you read the books? Have you seen the movies? And did you enjoy them?


Raychel Marie said...

He is so HOT!!!

We have all the books on the computer so next time we are together with our computers you will have to take them!

Tessa Nelson said...

Ohhhh! I will:)

Alaina said...

I've read them. They are fair, but entertaining. I like the books better than the movies (I've seen Twilight and New Moon).

Oh, I did read a book you may like called Look Again by Lisa Scottoline.