Friday, July 8, 2011

Favorite carriers and wraps so far:)

I love the Moby. It's like she's still inside me really, only much more still because she's usually sleeping in there. She LOVES the movement and noise of me moving around. The other day I was at the store and there was a couple a few checkout lanes over. The man went to get something they forgot and when he was coming up to pass the lane I was in he stopped and said he thought it was just a shirt I was wearing until I leaned over and he saw Mylah's head!
Matt has yet to try the Moby but he loves the Ergo. I always tease him a little because of how he wears it. Like he's all hunched over or like he has to keep his shoulders up or something. I guess he is new to this whole extra weight of carrying a baby in front of you thing. Me, I've been doing it a while and it's a natural thing for me to put my hand on her like I've still got her floating around inside me. Matt wears her well and she loves her daddy! Here we're shopping at Farm and Fleet - checking out their great kids clearance stuff:)
I have some other wraps/sings that I want to try but think they'll be easier when she can hold her own head up for longer then she does now.

Speaking of the wee one, she's up from a nap so I had better go relieve Oliver from her fussing:)

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Jody Blue said...

You two are having so much fun with that little pinkie!! Shopping at the Mans Mall is a good thing to get her used to:)