Sunday, July 17, 2011

We had been looking at ways to repel bugs (mainly mosquitos) from Mylah w/o having to put actual bug spray on her. Also looked into those clip on ones but read that they shouldn't be inhaled, especially by young children. So, then Matt started looking at some natural ways to deal w/ bugs. He bought three citronella plants! These are the flowers from them. We haven't really had much of a chance to use them or see if they work. We've only gone out for walks in the dark or rain and the mosquitos aren't really out then.

Russian Sage

Hollyhocks. They were so, so pretty this year. Matt and I decided we will need more of them next year. The only ones we have, I believe, are the ones that were here when we bought the house and we just moved some into the full sun and they took off! They were the some funny back spot that was all shade. We are planning on getting many different colors for next year. They last a long time, too, because they have to bloom working their way up the whole stalk.

Phlox. We really only have this shade of purple. They are very pretty, though!

This is Summer! I am so thrilled that it's SUMMER. I don't do all that well in the Winter months. And I have a very hard time loving and appreciating things around me other then heat, headed mattress pads and blankets. And those aren't that fun to take pictures of;-)


Jody Blue said...

You will have to go on hollyhock seed collecting adventures! I will have to look and see if I have any seeds from really dark purples. I haven't grown them for years, our yard is too shady in front. My Grmpa had a maze of hollyhock in the garden when I was a kid, he loved them and never wanted to cull them out.

Alaina said...

Also fennel repels mosquitos when you break it and smells like citrus. Not the prettiest flower, but it really works!

Tessa Nelson said...

Yes, a hunt for hollyhock is what I need to be on:) And Alaina, I haven't heard that! Thanks