Friday, July 10, 2009

Nothing says summer like a flat of strawberries!

Raychel, Ike, Raychel's mom and I all went strawberry picking about two weeks ago. It was the perfect afternoon for it, not too hot and not raining:) Ike was a good little helper, and he didn't get bored as fast as I might have thought he would. 
It was fun. the only thing that makes me sad is that I wish I could have gone one more time:( But, life was too busy that weekend and it didn't happen. I'm just happy I got out there at all. The last few years the season has been over by the time I think of it:( I have enough I guess. There's always next year. 


Raychel Marie said...

It was good fun. And I think that I got bored before Ike did!

Tami said...

Your berries are beautiful! What did you do with them? Jellies, jams, frozen for winter smoothies??