Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mozzarella Cheese making..
Have to have rennet tablets..
and citric acid
get ready!!
it'll start to get thick and kind of gooey and curdled
THEN is starts to look like Mozzarella! The whey and cheese start to separate
then you drain off the whey and squeeeeeze it.
then you microwave it for a few min and a half and squeeze it some more
Microwave again and, again, squeeze!
again, squeeze and strech

Then it looks like this!
I made two smaller balls and then this is the cheese in cold water, cooling.
Later we shredded it and....
Had PIZZA!!!


Barb said...

I've got to say, daughter, you are amazing! I sure could go for a pice of that pizza right now.

Tami said...

Tessa, you are very impressive. I love a girl who can artificially inseminate cows by day, and make cheese, can sauercraut & salsa in her free time. Way to go.
Where did you find your rennet tablets and citric acid? My friend Katy makes mozeralla cheese, and it is quite simple. I just don't know where to even look for those ingrediants.