Friday, November 13, 2009

My muddy boy! He had rolled in mud. Lots of it. This is after I brushed him a lot.

Pretty new toes!
back to the pasture

Here we are a little drugged up, before and durning the trimming. He has to have a little sedative before his trimming. He gets a little.... impatient and won't hold his foot up. If I worked with him more and picked up his feet now and then this wouldn't be an issue. Sooooo, he gets drugs:)


Jody Blue said...

How old is that boy!?! What a looker he is:)

Tessa Nelson said...

he's old actually. about 19 I think... I haven't kept track. I would have to look at his papers to know for sure

Barb said...

Henry was calling for HIS herd on Sat. They had gone for a drink and he wanted them to get back. What a boss!