Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Some of my deals!!!
My free 8x10! FREE. This little note says, "copyright release needed." It makes me feel good cause it means my photography is good enough that they need the photographer's release.... and I am the photographer!

I've never had these before. The Mozzarella ones are very good! I got them for 44¢ each at Walgreens!
Got Oreos for really cheap! Two of them for 89¢ and the other two for $1.49. I had coupons for BOGO w/ the precious of a gallon of milk.
Benadryl for free and two razors for about 78¢ each:)
Snuggle fabric softener for 99¢ each and Degree for men - 78¢ each.
My hubby loves orange juice and grape juice. We are stoked now! These were about $1.35 each. The dawn was only 30¢ each:) I love dawn.
I was so excited about this deal! Last week at HyVee they had these containers for 99¢ and I had coupons for all of them so I payed 30¢ each!!! It was a great, great high:)
So if you want any good deals!? Come to my garage sale on May 8th!!

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Jody Blue said...

WOW! You are raking in the deals!! One of my aunts couponed enough to buy a couch and a used car. It