Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere!
My life has been full of these little blessings lately.
This is Addie Nona - my long time friend, Sara's little girl.
This is Nyla Jai`
She is my dear sweet friend Andrea's little girl.
I want to steal her. I won't even lie.
There is also Cora who is my new little neice and I haven't been able to meet her yet:(
My good friend, Josie, is also expecting in a few weeks too!


Anonymous said...

That is a crazy awesome picture!! Keep up the good work. Kristi

Tami said...

Babies, such a blessings. How nice to be surrounded by them. The best part, you get to snuggle them. . .BUT, these babies don't keep you up at night. ;)
I love the picture of the little piggies. So sweet.

kacia @ Coconut Robot said...

LOVE THESE PICTURES, TESS!! LOVE THEM! :O) yes, I'm screaming in all caps, if you couldn't tell! ;o)

Thank you SO much for all the lovin' on the blog!!! If you want to chat designs, we can def do that sometime!!

[and hopefully you can take me to milk a cow next time i'm home!]