Tuesday, February 3, 2009

* Frosty *
This is from one of those day when it was sooo very cold out, all the trees were frosty on the ridge.

Picture didn't turn out all that well since everything was white on white - and I just had my lil camera.

So pretty when frosty!

This is 1181. She looks like a big panda bear, doesn't she?! She's a mellow cow. All that steam, it's cow breath when it's so cold out!

I hate this time of year. It's so hard. Hard to get through another day w/ not enough sun and more then enough snow to last a life time. I am uninspired. In every area too. Food, reading, blogging, working, friends... all I want to do is sleep. I am going to try, though, to see the beauty in this time of year. I'd like to see some more melting, but I'll just be glad that that's getting closer and closer, each new day. I just want to put stuff in the ground and see it grow. I want to start to see all the stuff from years past that we've planted come through the earth and into life. I'm tired of this. Or, maybe I'm just tired!? I am going to take a nap before I have to go back to see those cows again........

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