Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{{{ THE HAIR }}}
This is before... bad picture cause of the lighting... (and the scraggly hair!)

During. Bridget is the best:-} This stuff NEVER makes you look better at first - lol

It's done and pretty punk rocker looking! Sorry about the let down of the cut. I asked Bridget about that "a line" cut and she said that it would be okay with my hair, but not look like it should/could. It'd be a lot of work for my hair type and too short to put up. Not good for milking cows. I always wear my hair up. So, we went for this cut just with a choppier look, more dramatic layers... that you can't really see here... Sorry again, having trouble getting all my pictures off all of my cameras and onto all my different programs:-/

Matt told me I had to smile, I wasn't before this I guess.. Matt was missing out of the fun so he's in the background - turd! I love that you can see all my "punk" piercings too=)

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Jody Blue said...

Ooo Tessa, I like it. The picture w/Matt in back ground is so cute, its a whole new you, no wonder he's smiling!

Anonymous said...

I like the shiny-ness of salon colored hair. So healthy looking... K

Rachael said...

Love the new hair-do! AND I love that I got to see it in person!