Saturday, February 28, 2009

Old Person Saturday Afternoon Drive

Last Saturday we went for a drive. I took lots of pictures. I wanted to go to the apple orchards and get some shots of the shriveled up apples still on the trees. These aren't the greatest photos, I was just playing w/ photoshop. The one above is handsome, though! That turned out really neat:)

Bright red, in all the pretty, crystal like snow...

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Jody Blue said...

Hey saw you were in Trem. on facebook. just a meer 5 miles from my house, you should have stopped. When your mammy comes home you and her come for tea and we can get out our big blue hooks!
As alway I love your pictures. Yea and the tall guy pic, thats so neat!

Anonymous said...

Interesting pics - as usual! How do you do that?! K