Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Little Evelynn asleep on her mama's shoulder. I got to meet up with Sarah today and have lunch with her:-) This little pea is already four weeks, 5 days old! So sweet. She keeps her mammy up sometimes, but she gets through it by reminding herself that it will end, she will sleep again some night, all night:-)

This was the beautiful sunset that I got to see and take some pictures of one evening when I was on my way home. I didn't get real good pictures cause I didn't have the tripod so it was hard to be still. But look at those colors!?

Sarah came over a while ago, she stayed in her big down coat and boots. Matt came home a little later and changed into this. Sarah was horrified! I wouldn't be dressed like this in my house either. Matt looks like he's going to the beach and Sarah the tundra!

*interesting side note, I had to take the picture at an angle just to fit Matt in the picture, he's kind of tall*

The whole thing about the randomness is that I haven't downloading the pictures off of my cameras in so long.... so, here you go!
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love it!!!