Saturday, May 1, 2010

Me and Ollie on a walk

The tracks. When we first moved here I was a little disturbed by the tracks and how much we could hear them. Now, it feels so much like home. I would miss the trains so much if they weren't there.

HaPpY sUmMeR fEeT!!!!
Thanks to my amazing husband and my wonderful sister-in-law I now have a magnolia tree!!! I love it! It's blooms lasted for a long time this year! I just love how large and floppy the flowers get. Love it.
Lilly of the Valley. I don't know what flower is my favorite. They are all amazing. The smell of these is heavenly!

So pretty!
I love this time of year.

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Barb said...

I took some lily of the valley yesterday and smell it everytime I go in or out of the kitchen. SO GOOD!