Saturday, August 21, 2010


Icing the cucumbers.
Sterilizing the jars. I read that you can do them in the oven.. and that made me excited cause doing those in a water bath is so time consuming.
Jalapeno, garlic and all that good stuff in the jars, waiting for the rest!
The brine:)

Pickling seasonings

chili peppers from our "garden"
The dill and alum is in there too
and then packing the jars
Packed and ready to be bathed in brine
Still so many left!
the ends need to be thrown away and then there are all the slices ready to be backed

such pretty color!
in the hot water bath they go
They're done. Now they just have to sit for a few weeks before we can try them.
I was in high school last time I did pickles so I'm excited to see how they turn out.


Rae said...

Thanks for the pictorial. I've never make pickles or canned. I think it is the sterilizing part.

I did make pesto and freeze that though...

I am sure it is very satisfying so see row upon row of food you put up. And in the dead of Winter you can open up a jar of Summer.

Tami said...

Who knew pickles could be so pretty.

Jody Blue said...

I never did go buy pickles...theres always next year right! We did just do 90 lbs of cabbage for kraut so when your enjoying your pickles we will be thing of new ways to utilize 8-10 gallons of kraut(actually Jons family lines up at the back door for a jar or two).