Monday, October 27, 2008

coming to you from the heart of a blessed country girl!

I have not blogged in so very long! I am too lazy to even really want to put a picture up right now either.
We have been busy w/ work, friends, Matt getting more school stuff together, moving grandparents to new places..... on and on it goes. I have had, what I thought was a cold, for about a week. I was pretty sure it was strep throat so mom gave me an antibiotic and it's getting better already! I have been tired of feeling sick.
I got a new photo editing program, Adobe Photoshop 6. What a brain freeze that is! I am going to look into taking an on-line class thru WWTC to learn how to use it. I keep thinking that I'll get it, not so. I just go in circles w/ it. If any of you knows how to use it and wants to give lessons, I am willing to learn:-D I love my photography and editing and am looking forward to getting into it and knowing what I'm doing. I really want to start doing photography for ppl on my own someday soon. I just need to learn this program and get my bearings about me first! Ahhh:-O
We're excited for Matt to be going back to school in Jan! So excited! He'll start out at WWTC and then go to WSU for three years (or there abouts) and then on to the last two years at the U of M. I'm really happy and at peace to see my passive mellow husband actually have something he's excited about, just him, all him. That's great! He just had a meeting today w/ an admissions counselor at WSU and it's going to be so very much cheaper then Viterbo would have been. With a montage, marriage and real life... the more bang for your buck, the better.
We're off to do one of our favorite pass times - instant play Law & Order!!!


Jody Blue said...

Nice to get an update. Ive been praying for you. Wouldn't ya know that about every devotion I picked up last week had to do with working threw the hard stuff and trusting the Lords best in the process. By Friday I was a little hesitant to pick any thing up. Trust & obey is the word on this street.~@~ Jody

Outside the Line said...

As for a Photoshop class check out This is where I learn everything. They are online 24/7 so you can do it at 3AM if you want. And you can go back and do the classes over and over or just go and look up something you forgot. And if you have internet access you can log in from anywhere, on any computer. It is $25/mo or $250/yr. This is how John learned iMovie and iWeb. And then he did his own website. I highly recommend this. AND I think I went to and found a $50 discount on the year membership.