Saturday, October 4, 2008

smokin' angel

This is Kevin and Sarah's lil Callie. She's been going thru a "stage" lately... bad teenager stage. We still love her though, hence the halo. I'm playing w/ my new Flicker account:-)


Becca Nelson said...

Welcome to flickr!! You are going to love it. I know that you will be purchasing a membership soon. It is just too addicting. Plus, it's only $25/year.

Join lots of groups and add lots of people as your contacts. You don't have to communicate with them (I've never talked to anyone) but you can keep track when great photographers post their stuff. It is fun!! If you want, you can participate in the forums for all kinds of different groups, but you don't have to in order to join. I've added you as a contact!

Jody Blue said...

Tessa I feel your "puppy pain" our Otto is driving us nuts. He always has to have something in his mouth! He just chewed a card Grace gave me--he is now in his kennel! He's like a little boy who won't stop playing and go potty 'til the last moment. What kind of dog is Callie? She looks like some sort of doodle. Otto is a Labradoodle (mutt) hes not so curly and is chocolate and big.