Saturday, May 15, 2010

{Cora Ruth}
Cora with her aunty, Ester.
We had the great honor of being one of Cora's two's sponsors for her baptism last weekend. What a precious little girl:)
When great grandma was holding her she kept yawning like she was thoroughly bored. And then grandma would pinch those little cheeks.
Mom trying to get her to smile:)
I LOVE the look on Cora's face here. Carol is holding her talking to her and she looks so... interested... or confused:)
Her gown. It was first worn by Becca's great, great grandma (I think!?). Anyway, it's old and has been warn by many of the ladies in her family. Very special!

Do you think Matt's a natural?
Getting into her gown... *my pictures loading backwards, sorry:(*
can you tell Kristi loves being a grandma!??!
The grandparents
mom and dad.
What a blessing that day was in so many ways!
What a wonderful other family I have:) And how wonderful that these ppl love the LORD like they do and want their children to grow up in a loving, Godly home. This little girl is so blessed! All of Kristi's sisters and brother came. They are such neat woman (and guys!). They just bless my heart so much every time to see them. They come to every family get together like this that they can make it to. They are great, loving, family orientated, Godly woman who could certainly teach me a thing or two. Like I said, what a blessing this day was!


Jody Blue said...

Oh how sweet is that little girl! And I love the gown, what an heirloom! They picked well to have you as sponsors. He is a natural:)

Anonymous said...

Oh the blog posting was sooo heartwarming!! Thanks, Tessa, for your continual insights. LY - Kristi