Sunday, May 2, 2010

Never judge a book my it's cover

Do you judge books by their covers?
I sure do!
I love some good art on the front of my book.
I want that to be eye candy to me.
I want to look at it and know I have to read that book.
Sometimes I just go to the library and if I don't know what I want or haven't looked into an author I just pull them out, glance at the cover and from then decide if I want to read what it's about - silly, I know, but I want to like what I'm looking at first.
I've thought if I were every to write a book (and that will never happen!), I would want Rae to design my cover. I know I'd love it. I know that would be a book I'd want to read just by looking at the cover. I've thought about how important that is since I do it all the time.
So if you read/like different kinds of stories do you suppose to like different art on your covers?
My thoughts.

Don't these book covers just make you want to read them?
(ps, I've never read these or seem then in my life;-)


Barb said...

I also pick a book by it's cover if I'm just browsing for something to read. Sometimes I've passed up a recommended book because the cover is so ugly. Coming home from the library with a pile of good looking books is like Christmas!

Rae Kaiser said...

I agree with you and Barb.

In one book club I was in I use to complain about the quality of the paper, the font and the cover. Eventually at the end of the meeting they would call on me to critique these things. But they thought I was weird.

And of course if you ever write a book I'll do the cover.