Wednesday, May 5, 2010

some books I have read and enjoyed..
The Diary was short and sweet. It was a good quick read. And a great ending that I didn't really expect in a way. love it when that happens.
The Castaways was more intense and complicated. I enjoyed the very interesting and different characters. They were, however, rather dysfunctional. That always annoys me a little and I'm not sure why. I just want a simple story (unless I'm reading a mystery) that makes me feel good:) I feel like my life is complicated enough, when I read a book like this I want to get away through it. It was a good book, though.


Barb said...

I just picked up The Sugar Queen yesterday and am looking forward to starting it tonight.

Tessa Nelson said...

you didn't read it when you were in FL? It is so good!

Alaina said...

I read The Diary last week and enjoyed it. I was tricked by the twist at the end too. Thanks for recommending!