Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Do you want to go for a romantic walk w/ me?"

On Wednesday night Matt took me out on the river for a date:-) It was a beautiful night for it. This is the only fish (if you could call it that:-p) that he's caught all year:-( We don't know what we're doing so wrong! He's the size of a minnow! We had fun though.

Out on the water...

"Do you want to go for a romantic walk w/ me?" This, after he grabbed the bowl to take some stuff to "dump off the edge" cause it can't go in the compost. I said sure. It was an adventure. As always. I married a version of my daddy! We walk out, past the old fridge in the yard, the cooler and table that have been out there for weeks... and we're off to the "edge":-) We dump the stuff and then go over a little ways in the ditch cause there are, what looks like, pumpkin plants or something like that growing in the ditch. We tromped around and found these! We are truly hoping that someone didn't just plant them there to let them grow out of the way and want to pick them later. We're guessing someone thru all there pumpkins and gourds over there last fall and they planted themselves. So, that was our romantic walk! Don't you just wish you were me!?

They look kind of like mutts don't they? Like they don't know what they should be? Some have the right shape but wrong color and others...... what are they!?

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