Monday, September 8, 2008


These are the peaches that we bought along side the road on the way back from the cabin on Labor Day. They were so pretty and smelled so good! They were $1.15 a lb. We scrapped together a bunch on dollar bills to get some. We ended up finding $20. and I was happy to go home and make peach cobbler (not a recipe that I'd make again, not bad... just not a do-over) and jam.

Here's the jam:-) I will take a picture of the jars.. they are so pretty!

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Wayne Images said...

Yummy! I want some!

Becca Nelson said...

Oh that looks so good! Does Matt love peaches as much as Jeremy does? I think they are his favorite food ever...besides cheese curds. :)

To answer your question, about etsy front page...there are lists called Treasuries that are chosen by memebers of Etsy (anyone can do one if you are registered) Then the Admin of the site chooses a Treasury for the front page. That is the collection of items that you see whenever you go to It is hard to get on there because there are over 800 treasury lists made every couple of days. I don't know how I've gotten lucky enough to get it a couple of times! It REALLY increases your exposure!

Was this the longest blog post ever??

Are you looking for a new job? I saw it on your FB status.

Sarah M. said...

MMMMMM!!!! I've never tried peach jam before!