Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our wonderful weekend at the lake..

Callie enjoying the boat ride:-) She was (and IS) such a good little traveler and puppy! She loved getting up every morning and jumping in the water to go for a swim.... I mean look at her, she's loving life in these pictures!

Sarah and Callie tubing back into shore..

Kevin, Sarah and Matt tried as they may to fish and didn't catch much. Sarah caught ONE northern on her third cast the first time fishing - and that was it. But, it was wonderful to be out on the water just enjoying the company of friends and family:-)

Sarah w/ the first and only fish for us..

Jami, our captain! She was having a good time w/ these pictures!:-) We were so glad they were able to join us for the weekend!

More to come on our weekend later... :-)

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Sarah M. said...

You look like you have some really great fun friends. I wish I was as lucky :(

Tessa Nelson said...

Yes, we do have wonderful friends! We have had some crappy years in there w/ no real good friends but God has really blessed us w/ these ppl!