Friday, September 5, 2008

some pretty pictures to remind you of the passing summer...

Some pretty flowers in my yard. Fall is really in the air and it makes me sad that all my pretty flowers will be replaced by snow sooner then I'd like. All those pretty colors and critters (I know some people don't really care for the "critters" in their house right now:-) Rachael) will soon be gone.

Tonight we were out on the water. It was wet and somewhat cold, but fun!
The little neighbor boy, Carter, went with us. He's a little fisherman and love to fish. He love to talk fishing w/ Matt the min he gets home from work - it's pretty cute. He was so thrilled to go out w/ us. He was a great little helper and loved to learn all he could from Matt about fishing and boating. Such a fun, joyful, thankful little boy!

We have the "Steppin' Out In Pink" five mile breast cancer walk tomorrow. We are going w/ Matt's work. Should be fun. After that we are going out on the river to camp w/ some friends - we are so looking forward to that!
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