Sunday, September 7, 2008

Steppin' Out In Pink

Here we are getting ready to go on our five mile walk. It was a perfect day for it! We had a great time just ppl watching and talking. It was a long five miles. We got caught behind some bigger ppl and lots of strollers, but it was a good time. At mile three I think it was the UWL marching band was these playing just for fun. They were a fun band to watch! Matt and I always like to do things like this. We'll be doing the Maple Leaf run/walk too if anyone wants to join us!? I'll be running it, Matt probably will be too. Good challenge! :-/ lol.. And, we get all these really cool t-shirts! It was really great to see all the ppl that were out to support local breast cancer research. There are really good ppl out there:-D I think it's like one in every three woman will get some sort of breast cancer (it's something really high like that) and that's scary. It makes you think. Makes you want to help when you can, because you never know when it will effect you or someone you love. It was a fun time:-)

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