Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I want you to see what a H.A.P.P.Y. man looks like.....

THIS is a happy man... cruising down the river in his very own boat, after a lot of time and money spent!!

He even fished a little... almost had one too!
Mom went with!

On our way back..

Look at that sky and water!?!

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Wayne Images said...

Congrats on your new boat!!!! I hope you get to use it some more this year before it gets cold!

Barb said...

Mom had a swell time. Thanks for the ride!

Sarah M. said...

How do you get the background so brght when you use a flash? Nothing's even blurry!

Tessa Nelson said...

DO you mean like the one of Matt standing in the boat? Or the one I took of myself and both of them? I don't know really... It's a good camera that does all that thinking for me. It was still dusk, too... had it been any later, it would have been pretty dark.. What kind of camera do you have??