Saturday, September 19, 2009

The aftermath

of making sauerkraut is a MESS

And it's a lot of hard work... but I am excited and hope that it turns out well:-/
All done and ready to go:)
Hank, my faithful helper is all that I do:)
My plat with a big jar filled with water to weigh it down. I don't know what I'm doing here.. and you may be able to tell..? I just did it to try it and went off of what I read on the internet.
I'll keep you updated.


Tami said...

You should talk to Jody Blue, she and Jonny made sauerkrat every year. At least they used to.

Jody Blue said...

Do you have a kraut cutter? We used to do the plate thing but learned a new trick a few years back, I posted it...or you can remind me to tell you next time we bump into each other at church. Hey now we can bond on lefse and sauerkraut!!