Saturday, September 19, 2009

My first real coupon deal. I went to Quillon's to get one of their adds to see what I could find that was on sale that I had coupon(s) for. These were 3/$5. I had four 1/$1 off and one 2/$1.00 I hope I'm doing the coupon lingo right! lol.. I am so new! So, on average they were 83¢ each. I spent $5.02 and saved $15.32!!! I got them for 78% off. I went back and got six more tonight. They weren't as cheap ($1.12 each) but still cheap:) I can't wait to get my LaCrosse Tribune tomorrow and go through the adds. There's no one around here, that I know of, w/ a blog about couponing. Do you know of any? I sure wish I did:) Raychel told me I should be that person.. I told her I have a job. This takes lots of time, but is so much fun knowing your saved so much!

more to come... :)

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