Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last days of summer

...and we are stocked! A friend of my dad's planted a huge garden at my parents house. Matt and I went after work on Friday and took a bunch home. With a lot of this stuff.. this is just the tip of the ice berg. It's a huge garden. I didn't even know or think about growing egg plant in this area. It was fun. I had told Matt about two weeks ago that I want to have a big garden next summer.. and this made me want one even more. But, someone else did all this work and all I did was pick it.... so we'll see!
Oliver watching me take pictures. Wants to be out there with me of course.
Onions that have not been cleaned. Anyone know if you can pickle onions? On anything good to do with a lot of them!?!?
purple cabbage..
The egg plan was such a beautiful color!
oops, you get to see the dirty onions twice...
my pretty flox..
Little orange tomato's and green peppers..
More beautiful color..
These are like candy! Green beans...
rutabaga.. haven't had these in years! My dad would like to eat them when we were little..
Matt and I worked on doing stuff with some of it tonight. He's such a great partner! Such a willing and mellow man! Are you enjoying any fresh produce right now? And if so, what??


Tami said...

We have been enjoying the wild black berries here in WA. Thankfully there is bounty even for those of us slackers who did not garden this year! ;) I'm working on a post about them now.

Becca Nelson said...

It was fun to see you last weekend! I'm jealous of all of your veggies. You are so much more motivated than I am...whenever I get a load of food like that I always procrastinate and it finally goes bad.