Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I am going hippy.
I made home made laundry detergent last night!
We went all over trying to find the stuff and finally did. There are many different recipes on the internet. I got mine here because it had a lot of information. I then used half a bar of Fels Naptha and half a bar of Ivory.

Looks like cheese.

melts better when it's shaves
in the boiling water, melting
The five gallon pail of water... the pain is stained, sorry!
one cup of this...
half a cup of this...
those things in the pail of water..
All mixed together..
Now, THIS is amazing stain remover. I just had to put that in there because I found some cheap at my new favorite store, Woodman's:) I ran out of this one, for grease and oil... it works so very well!
I just washed some clothes with it tonight, we'll see! I am excited. If you go to that link that I gave you earlier, you will see how much money this can save you ~ it's unbelievable!

If any of you have any other ways your save money by making your own, let me know! I am all ears:) I have been looking into making bars of bath soap. That looks like a lot of work and not really that much cheaper... but still might be fun to try. A friend of mine and I are going to do some frozen meal co-op/sharing too. She's also been doing raw milk w/ her kids and that seems to be going really well. Pretty amazing. Let me know if you have ideas!!!


Raychel Marie said...

It has become a family event here at our house. Ikers really enjoys stirring it and filling my container up with the detergent. I am excited to try it out in just a few minutes!

Jody Blue said...

My recipe is ab it different, but mostly the same stuff. I really like the soap and so enjoy the smell. Did you know you can also make home made fabric softer? fb me if you want that recipe.