Saturday, September 19, 2009

This was our Target trip last night. We got all of this, plus four more boxes of poptarts for about $3!! At Target they'll let you do one of their Target coupons and a manufacture coupon! The only thing we ended up really paying for was the salad dressing.. For buying five Kashi products (we had coupons for all of them) we got a $5 Target gift card The poptarts we have to do a $10 mail in thing and then our total will be about $3! Amazing, ha!?

WalMart trip. This one I don't know exactly what we spent and saved... I do know that those four things of wipes (56 count), I made a $1 by "buying" them:) Pretty sweet, ha?! I went back and got two more today. And same thing, I made $1 on those two things! I also found those pizza's at a different store for about 50¢ cheaper then walmart so used my other two coupons for them at that store instead:) The candles were 97¢ each. w/ a $2/1. Last week I got two of them for FREE cause of $3/1 coupons! It's so much fun!
I also went out today and did some more shopping. I didn't take pictures. It's kind of a lot more work to take pictures of it all before you have to put it all away too:) I got some Bagleful's for 88¢ each... and some more pasta for about 70¢ a box (the good, wheat kind).

If it's something we don't normally eat then I want it to be really cheap or free, if it's something I already eat, I just figure I'm saving myself $1 off of what I'd already be getting. That's my theory for now. However, I've found it pretty hard to spend full price on anything when you know what you could get it for it you just had a good coupon and sale!

I am gutsy. But, I've been taking Matt with me for "back up"... or, you could say I'm still a little chicken. I will get better. I did it all by myself today. The man was farming.

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Raychel Marie said...

Wow great deals!!! I hope you like salad or have recipies that use lots of italian dressing! I can't wait till we go next friday to search for much fun I am sure.